Wind Tunnels

FKFS operates four different wind tunnels for industrial development and basic research. The modern Vehicle Aeroacoustics Wind Tunnel and the Model Wind Tunnel are used for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic testing on behalf of the Stuttgart University. The thermal wind tunnel is used for thermal management and contamination experiments, among other things. The Digital Wind Tunnel covers the spectra of the three other wind tunnels and is used in particular for testing in the early development stages and for method development.

The wind tunnels at FKFS allow aerodynamic and aeroacoustic experiments to be carried out, as well as thermal management experiments, which are realistic and reproducible. In every wind tunnel, we guarantee prototype security and strictest confidentiality. There is an extensive range of Measuring and Analytical Techniques available for a wide range of measuring tasks. Furthermore, FKFS offers its versatile know-how, obtained through many years of experience in the field of wind tunnels, in the form of Consulting and training courses.