High-Performance Electric Powertrain Test Bench

Our comprehensive e-mobility expertise at FKFS is also demonstrated by the test benches we offer. Top performance sports cars in particular profit from the very latest testing equipment at FKFS. This equipment allows the Institute to extend its consulting services to cover development and testing of high-performance electric drives. The technical data of a new electric drive test bench already indicates top-level performance: a battery simulator provides up to 1,000 kW of power for the system, and an input drive machine permits speeds of up to 20,000 rpm. This means the FKFS system possesses important, unique characteristics in our industry. And it has proven to be ready for the future: with its electric powertrain test bench, FKFS is properly prepared for future testing requirements for all electric drives. Not only does the test bench's flexible construction enable us to test individual components and electric machines, but the entire electric powertrain as well.



Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann

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