Virtual Vehicle Trials

The virtual vehicle trial is increasingly supplementing real road testing in the development process. There are numerous applications for investigations concerning the interaction of a virtual vehicle and a real driver in a "driver-vehicle-environment" control loop. For example, control and assistance systems or automated vehicle functions can be tested safely and efficiently, extremely early on in the development process. Human beings, with their subjective perceptions, play a particularly important role. Questions regarding the acceptance of driver assistance systems and interaction with the driver can be answered by representative studies with more than 60 participants, for example.

Expert setups offer developers the chance to do application work for drivetrain and chassis components in a virtual environment. The driving experience in the Stuttgart driving simulator is so realistic that the vehicle can be tuned virtually. The driving simulator is also useful for subjective-objective correlation of the driving dynamics, since here it is possible to reproduce the driving situation exactly and vehicle variants can be implemented very quickly.