23rd Stuttgarter International Symposium with exciting topics

Session on "Modelling & AI" in the program

The 23rd Stuttgart International Symposium is approaching with great strides! The renowned conference is dedicated to the cutting-edge topics that concern the automotive industry. Thus, there will also be a separate session with the focus on "Modeling & AI" on the second day of the conference.


Virtual vehicle development is an essential tool for efficiently solving relevant problems that arise from the ever-increasing number of variants and complexity of vehicle drive systems. In this context, the generation and application of digital twins, which can be used to observe the overall system behavior and to track the detailed design of individual components, is becoming increasingly important. Artificial intelligence methods are increasingly being used in this context.


The session "Modeling & AI" provides interesting insights in this context. On the one hand, the presenter Ann-Therese Nägele will show new investigations in fault detection in electric vehicles. Here, aging phenomena as well as component failure are detected with the help of digital twins. On the other hand, Andrija Grbavac presents a method to detect subsystems in physical system models using a machine learning approach. Based on the large number of model variants, this method provides a basis for comparison based on the tagging of simulation models. Toni Tahtouh presents the development of a digital twin for achieving high efficiency of a gasoline engine. With the help of a 1D engine model, maximum exploitation is sought from the combination of charge cycling, Miller cycle, lean mixture, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and turbocharger.

These and many other exciting presentations on topics such as Renewable Fuels, Zero-Impact Emissions, Cyber Security and many more await you at the 23rd Stuttgart International Symposium.


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