FKFS Academy: Course 2 "Electrification of Mobility II”

Training course for engineers and researchers

The second course of the FKFS Academy "Electrification of Mobility II - Introduction to Electric Drive and Energy Storage Systems" will take place on June 18 and 19. It is designed for automotive and mechanical engineers as well as researchers with the aim of reviewing xEV technology and the challenges and opportunities of e-mobility. The two-day course provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the subject without the need for significant prior knowledge.

The knowledge imparted on the topics of electric machines and power converters, electrified drivetrain architectures and system concepts, and energy storage systems is rounded off with a practical exercise on the simulation of battery performance.

"Electrification of Mobility II," like the Academy's first course, is led by expert lecturer Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni of The Ohio State University.


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Registrations are still open until June 18, 2023!


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