HAnnES at the State Garden Show in Wangen in the Allgäu

The State Garden Show in Wangen begins today on April 26, and the Ministry of Transport and its partners present their exhibition “Sustainable and innovative mobility - this is how we move the Länd”.

With the RABus project, FKFS and the consortium partners Stadtverkehr Friedrichshafen / Stadtwerke am See, Institut für Verkehrswesen (KIT) and Autonomous Everything @ ZF will also be on site on various days showing visitors when the test drives in Friedrichshafen and Mannheim will finally start, the technology involved in automated driving and results from acceptance research.

This time, we have our HAnnES research vehicle with us (similarities with names of members of the Board of Management are purely coincidental) and can show visitors what the sensors “see” on the vehicle.

Tomorrow, the consortium will be heading to the Technology Day in Friedrichshafen, where we will be presenting the shuttle live. 

Further information on the Technology Day can be found on the homepage: https://projekt-rabus.de/de/Startseite/




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