Highlights at FKFS: Brake performance testing in challenging weather conditions

The FKFS Thermal Wind Tunnel offers a unique opportunity to evaluate the vehicle`s brake system in a controlled and repeatable environment, independent of the season and weather conditions. The facility combines a 2-axle dynamometer with the FKFS braking system, enabling the simulation of real-road brake applications while simultaneously determining the friction coefficient between the brake pad and brake disc.

Equipped with a water irrigation system, the FKFS Thermal Wind Tunnel is capable of conducting thorough investigations of the vehicle's brake performance under rainy conditions, ranging from light to heavy rain. This capability provides valuable insights into the vehicle's braking behavior in challenging weather scenarios.

Moreover, the FKFS braking system serves a wide range of applications, including heat-up cycles, evaluation of cooling coefficients, brake disc wiper application, and flow/water visualizations. These versatile functionalities make the FKFS Thermal Wind Tunnel a valuable resource for comprehensive brake testing and performance assessment.


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