Highlights at FKFS: Charging path

Charging electric vehicles is a central topic of electromobility and an important area of research at FKFS. A charging infrastructure for research purposes was therefore set up at the IFS/FKFS over 10 years ago and has been successively expanded since then. The data collected from the vehicles and the charging infrastructure over this period serve as the basis for various research and industry projects. In addition, test systems and test methods for charging communication and battery state of health (SoH) were developed. At FKFS, we drive forward continuously the simulation of the charging path for research and development including electrical, thermal and IT aspects.


Our expertise in the area of the charging path extends from the backend system, the charging station and optimization of the power electronics to the battery and its cells across all areas of the charging path. We support our customers with

  • simulations of the charging path,
  • determination of load profiles and optimization and
  • development of load management systems.

This expertise also flows into the development of customized measurement and test systems.


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Sabrina Reichert
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