The FKFS is involved in the AI model project AIAMO: Using the potential of AI for climate protection

FKFS is proud to be part of the project consortium of the AI model project AIAMO - Artificial Intelligence and Mobility. The project is funded with a total of 16.7 million euros by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport.

Traffic in Germany will increase significantly on all modes of transport - this was recently confirmed by the BMDV's long-term traffic forecast up to 2051. To help municipalities manage the increasing demand for mobility in an environmentally friendly way, the BMDV is relying on artificial intelligence. In the AIAMO ("Artificial Intelligence and Mobility") model project, twelve partners from research and industry are working on making existing mobility data in municipalities more accessible and evaluating it intelligently. The federal government is funding the project with 16.7 million euros.

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