FKFS Academy offers advanced training on "Vehicle Aerodynamics & Aeroacoustics"

From June 11 to 13, the professional training course "Vehicle Aerodynamics & Aeroacoustics" takes place opening the FKFS Academy. The three-day course is designed for professionals who work or who are interested in the area of vehicle aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Stoll from IFS, University of Stuttgart together with his co-lecturers focuses on the fundamental principles of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics relevant to vehicle development. In addition to covering the latest measurement techniques for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic investigations, the course addresses methods for numerical flow simulation and optimization strategies. The content is delivered through both lectures and practical exercises, particularly in the FKFS wind tunnels. This allows participants to apply the acquired knowledge effectively to conduct aerodynamic and aeroacoustic development work on vehicles upon completion of the course.


Key learnings:

  • Understand fundamental aerodynamic and aeroacoustic principles and their relevance in vehicle development.
  • Master measurement instrumentation and setups for assessing aerodynamic and aeroacoustic analyses.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in implementing computational methods and assessing their pros and cons.
  • Conduct aerodynamic and aeroacoustic investigations in modern wind tunnel facilities and analyze collected data.


More information can be found here.

Registrations are still possible until May 21, 2024!


Sabrina Reichert
Ph.: +49 711 685-65857